D-Link Router Configuration

D-Link Router Configuration

  1. Connect the Power Adapter pin to the “ Power “ port behind the Router.
  2. Connect the supplied Beam Fiber Ethernet Cord to the “Ethernet” port on the router
  3. Connect one end of the LAN Cable ( Cat5 ) to the computer and the other end to any one of the “LAN” ports behind the router ( Generally you will find 4 Ports numbered as 1, 2, 3 & 4 )

Connecting the D-Link Router                                                    











D-Link Router LED Identification












How to configure a D-Link Router-DHCP Mode 

  • D-Link Router Configuration Steps











Finding Default Gateway IP Address











D-Link Router - Login Page              











D-Link Router - Setup Page












D-Link Router – DHCP Configuration











D-Link Router – Successfully Configured












D-Link Router - Connectivity Status


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